Why Choosing Greyscale On Your Phone Can Help You Find Joy And Avoid SAD During The Holidays

How can Christmas lights even compete with your phone screen?

Typical Phone, Lit up like a Christmas Tree.

SAD, the Great Winter Mystery Of Modern Medicine?

Yes, Grayscale — All Fifty Shades Of It

Staring at your phone doesn’t count as “light therapy.” Cyber-stalking social media doesn’t count as “Staying Social.”
This is me notifying you that the Red Dots on your phone look like Rudolph’s nose.

Here is the Samsung keystrokes for Grayscale:

And the iPhone keystrokes for Grayscale:

The wackiest thing happens after you go Grayscale for awhile. When you toggle back to color, the colors are almost too vivid, too bright.

So Here’s The Happy Hallmark Ending

Pattern recognition is the task of the Artist. This is the pattern recognition you’re looking for.

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