Testicular Cancer Awareness Needs To Check It’s Marketing Problem

Cancer Scares Mean The System Is Working, Right?

Here’s Some Facts About Testicular Cancer:

Taking Stock and Finding Courage

Giving the NFL and MLB a Testicular Cancer “Cup-Check.”

“Cup-check!” is the phrase shouted by the guy who’s about to smack you in the nuts.

The Taboos and Comedy Surrounding Testicles Hurt Early Detection

The Not Knowing

What’s Monorchism?

The Call

That’s When I Realized Testicular Cancer Awareness Has A Marketing Problem — A Theory About Color

The Bigger Problem With Testicular Cancer’s Orchid Purple — Cause Fatigue!

High-Vis NEON Should Be Testicular Cancer’s New Official Color

Neon Yellow, literally designed to stand out.

In Conclusion: Let’s Raise Awareness, Embrace The Nut-Jokes, Control The Fear, And Save Some Lives!

The Iowa Wave at Kinnick Stadium is powerful.

Pattern recognition is the task of the Artist. This is the pattern recognition you’re looking for.

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