Star Wars Symbology: Discovering The Origins of The First Order on Ahch-To

“In exploring the symbol, the mind is finally led towards ideas of a transcendent nature.” — Carl Jung

Symbols play a bigger role in The Last Jedi than most realize.

We know that Star Wars is a saga rich with symbolism and archetypes. We know Symbols are a way to condense meaning.

We know the ring with the Alliance Starbird featured in the final scene of The Last Jedi is the visual proof that the Resistance succeeded at their stated mission. It means they’ve sparked hope in the Galaxy.

Thematically, we know from Star Wars Canon that the Starbird symbol comes from the legend of the Starbird who never dies, but is perpetually reborn like a Phoenix from the heart of a Nova.

Canon states the Starbird Insignia was created “by combining the personal signature of Mandalorian artist Sabine Wren and the three-pronged symbol used by Saw Gerrera.”

The Rebel Alliance wore the Starbird first. The New Republic adopted the Starbird next.

And in The Last Jedi, the Resistance uses the Starbird symbol as means to once more transmit hope to the Galaxy.

But in the Star Wars Universe, everything exists in a balance between light and dark.

So it follows that to gain a more complete understanding of the myth of Star Wars, we need to take a close look at the symbol of The First Order.

Rising from the ashes of the Galactic Empire, The First Order adopted the Empire’s entire modus operandi; Storm Troopers, Death Star, and Darkside Leadership.

Despite their fervor for the Empire, The First Order created a new symbol.

It’s a great logo. But it’s a complete mystery.

This contrasts the Union-Jack-like backstory we have for both the Alliance Starbird and Galactic Empire crest — let alone the canon fodder loaded on Wookiepedia about so much other trivia.

Meanwhile, we know nothing about the origins of the First Order Insignia. That nothingness, in the face of the Starbird’s role, is something.

Then Star Wars: The Last Jedi introduced us to the Dark Portal on Ahch-To.

In The Last Jedi, we are shown this image not once, but twice.

Compare the Dark Portal on Ahch-To with The First Order Insignia.

The striking visual resemblance between the Dark Portal and The First Order insignia is strengthened by their thematic resemblance.

When we’re first introduced to the Dark Portal, Luke is describing the “Force Law of Balance” to Rey, and she senses a darkness beneath the Island calling to her.

Calling her is the equally strong Darkside Force that exists on the island where the first Jedi Temple was built.

If you were the Designer of new The First Order insignia — what better symbolic representation of your organization would there be than perhaps the most powerful nexus of Darkside Force in the galaxy?

But… if you agree that The First Order insignia is the symbolic representation of the Dark Portal on Ahch-To… it leads to the next question —

Who is the Designer?

Pattern recognition is the task of the Artist. This is the pattern recognition you’re looking for.

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