Mr. Evans, thank you for the reply.

I wrote, “ In Mirror Cave, the reflection that Luke needs to see is the part of himself he’s always been so scared to face. His Shadow-Persona.”

Luke’s world view was not shattered because of Snoke, Luke’s shadow was always there, and manifested as Snoke when he got to Ahch-To.

According to Snoke’s canon, the timing of Luke’s arrival on Ahch-To aligns with Snoke’s ascension to Supreme Leader and Ben renaming himself Kylo. So I’ve addressed your timing issue.

“(Snoke) sought to achieve the complete destruction of the Jedi Order, (same goal as Luke) which he saw as a symbol of hope that could thwart his plans of galactic conquest. To that end, he successfully turned the young but powerful Ben Solo to the dark side. Solo, who had once trained in the ways of the light side of the Force as part of a new generation of Jedi, renounced his ties to the Jedi Order and his family in favor of becoming Kylo Ren.”

According to Kylo Ren’s canon, the timing of Snoke’s seduction of Ben Solo is more cloudy.

“(Ben Solo) showed promise during his time as a Jedi apprentice, but Skywalker sensed the growing power of the dark side of the Force within him. By then, Solo was under the influence of Supreme Leader Snoke, a master of the dark side with a strong interest in Solo’s potential. Everything changed for Solo when he awoke and saw his master standing over him with his lightsaber drawn.”

The canon states Ben was “under the influence of Snoke” while a Jedi apprentice. That could be read as a double entedre.

Because Luke is Snoke, obviously Ben was under his/ both their influences.

Luke’s shadow persona was not something he could face until Ahch-To, thus Snoke isn’t manifested in full form until that point. But like Jung says, the avoidance of the shadow only makes it stronger.

So Luke’s unaddressed Shadow built in strength as he tried to teach (only the Light side of) the Force to his apprentices.

Meanwhile Luke’s shadow was influencing Ben Solo, the other apprentices, and Luke’s own actions (unbeknownst) the entire time. Until the culminating moment when he drew his lightsaber on Ben.

How did Luke’s Shadow Persona Snoke influence Ben at the Jedi Temple? Clearly Snoke wouldn’t have shown up in person, so it was logically a “Forcetime” connection.

How in depth of a conversation was it? How much Snoke/ Luke’s Shadow Persona (Tyler Durden style?) would have to slip out to begin showing Ben the power of the Darkside?

With the raw potential Ben had for both the light and dark side, he wouldn’t have to see much of the dark to peak his interest in that side of himself.

Jung wouldn’t think it was fair for Luke to judge Ben while he slept. But we already know Luke made mistakes when reading Ben.

And then there’s this double entendre in the film.

Thanks again for posing the question.

Pattern recognition is the task of the Artist. This is the pattern recognition you’re looking for.

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