Marcelo, I’m sorry my friend but like I said, once you see this, you can’t unsee it.

Here’s a little more visual proof. Look at the cliff-edges in the foreground of the shot, their angles hint at the hexagonal outline of The First Order Logo.

And this image is the skeleton key because the entire premise of The Force Awakens is that Luke Skywalker has disappeared.

Meaning no one knows the significance of the Dark Portal on Ahch-To but Luke. No one.

Unlike life (or perhaps very much like life) you must assume that everything you see on screen is meant to be there.

Showing the Dark Portal twice is a narrative decision made by the Artist-Filmmaker. Why did they make it?

It isn’t just a visual representation. Symbols, by definition, don’t mean nothing.

Symbols are shorthand for a tremendous amount of meaning packed into a very compressed visual delivery system. Like the image of a Cross, American Flag, or Nike Swoosh.

Think about everything the Alliance Starbird Ring means at the end of the movie.

It means Hope is alive in the galaxy. It means Luke Skywalker and Han Solo didn’t die for nothing. You understand everything it means immediately on a gut level.

That said, knowing The Dark Portal is the First Order Logo creates a problem. And it’s this problem I pondered for months before writing these articles —

Who designed the First Order logo?

Who else could it have been but Luke? No one.

Ok, How could it have been Luke? Snoke. How? Well we know he can force project.

And perhaps most significantly, Why would it have been Luke? Well, that takes you to Jung. Once you dive into Jung, the pieces start coming together.

But I still wasn’t able to admit Luke was Snoke for a long time.

I didn’t want Luke to be anything but the hero on my childhood bedsheets.

Unfortunately, once you see it, you can’t frickin unsee it.

Ultimately after working through the Jungian connections outlined in my part 2 article, I came to the realization that despite the complex path, Luke is still very much a hopeful character.

And because of that path, perhaps even more heroic.

Pattern recognition is the task of the Artist. This is the pattern recognition you’re looking for.

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