Because On Halloween We Can Take Our Masks Off

5 Reasons Why Halloween Is The Quintessential Holiday Of Our Times

1. It’s All-Inclusive

No discrimination based on ability, religion, politics, class, race, gender, sexual-orientation, IQ, OQ, zip code, pant size, bank account, or age — There are zero prerequisites in order to dress up in a costume, smile, and eat a piece of candy.

Even if you don’t wear a costume, you can still participate. (Just say you’re going as a “No-Fun Slug” this year).

Any person with a pulse (and historically, even those without) can participate in Halloween.

Other than Halloween, name another single other thing in History with zero entry barrier to participation?

2. It’s Gloriously Cheap

No gift receipts needed.

3. It’s never too early to start decorating for Halloween

United We Stand, in the belief that Halloween is the bedrock of Western Civilization.

4. Halloween is Personally Freeing

Thankfully, for one day, you can remove the mask and show the world the real you.

So you’re saying candy helps Padawans use the Force?

5. Community-Building

With everyone forced to walk around the block (manifested finally as their true-self no less) and not just look at, but verbally speak words to one another — Halloween is an expression of community as-if from a bygone era.

All things considered, not only is it the best Holiday — Halloween may actually be the last, best string holding together the (non-flammable) fabric of Western civilization.

If it was any other day of the year, you’d run from these people in fear of your life.

Thanks for stopping by on your trip round the block.

Pattern recognition is the task of the Artist. This is the pattern recognition you’re looking for.

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