What’s The Fastest Way To More Athleticism? Barefoot Running

How this Simple Hack Leads to the Big Gains in Athleticism

Brian Deines


The Case For Barefoot Running

We’ve watched elite athletes in every sport get bigger, stronger and faster. Unfortunately, we’ve also watched elite athletes continue to be hobbled by injury.

Virtually every athlete can improve their game by adding one thing to their training regimen: Barefoot Running.

This is a major blind spot in sports. And the reality is, its a marketing problem.

As noted in Chris McDougal’s classic book Born To Run, shoe companies have sold athlete-consumers around the globe the idea that we were born imperfect — and only their shoes can save us.

Guess What? Shoes Probably Caused Your Injury

Shoe marketing conveniently ignores the millions of years that humans evolved without shoes.

And the truth is, most athletes think the lowest muscle in the leg is the calf muscle.

But in reality, the most import leg muscles are the ones below the calf.

Fact: Adult feet have 26 bones, 33 joints, and 100+ small muscles, ligaments, and tendons — in each foot!

All those miniscule foot muscles and tendons create the miraculous propulsion system that is the human foot.

But sadly, in our society, we grow up with our feet trapped inside shoes. Over time, our feet become weak from lack of use to the point of atrophy.

Put another way, our feet never never get as strong as they can be because they’re locked in shoes. That creates atrophy. That atrophy results in a lack of strength and flexibility, which leads to injury.

The Problem With Shoes



Brian Deines

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