A Cup of Earl Grey Makes You Feel Like Captain Picard, and Other Ideas that Came From Nowhere

The Final Frontier of A Middle-Aged English Major

Brian Deines
2 min readSep 6, 2023

I recognize in myself the deep desire to honor the creative muse.

The flash of insight. What manifests seemingly out of nowhere. This discourse with the muse is one of my greatest joys I know in life.

From the nowhere, the muse hits me somewhere, to become a something.

But it’s worth noting that this dialogue with the muse doesn’t necessarily always turn into art. We know this. All the world’s a stage after all.

Indeed sometimes, that amusing-something can play out in waking life.

This anecdote is one example.

A Cup of Earl Grey Makes You Feel Like Captain Picard

I made myself a cup of coffee in a hotel room in Niagara Falls, Canada. I had an important business meeting in less than an hour.

The coffee was too weak. I needed more strength.

Inspiration struck. Jean-Luc appears from my childhood. I placed the Earl Grey into the Joe.

Ah yes. Notes of bergamot. My spine straightens and eyes narrow.

We step forward to do what is right, with optimism. Vigor.

Captain Picard once stated that our better man is buried deep within each of us. I say, he drinks Earl Grey.




Brian Deines

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