The Black Prince of Baseball, The Babe, and The Ninth Man Out

Liotta as Jackson

One of the immortal lines from Field of Dreams comes from Joe Jackson. It is delivered by a suddenly, very Goodfellas-sounding, Ray Liotta:

Honestly, that line planted the seed of a question that’s gnawed at me forever.

Who the hell are the other players that DID get invited to play?

Today, let’s name those ballplayers.

In order to do so, we’ll need to know our baseball history. …

And Why Mando Didn’t Get Eaten Alive By The Krayt Dragon (It Wasn’t the Armor)

You and I aren’t the only ones who fell in love with Grogu. It’s obvious Mando himself has fallen in love with The Child.

As the relationship between Mando and Grogu continues to get richer, it gets more real. And Mandalorian fans can’t wait to find out what happens next.

But before we tune in to this week’s adventure of Mando and Grogu — audiences should first realize we’re all watching a parable. In short, the parable is about modern manhood, and first time fatherhood.

image courtesy of Disney

What does that mean? Well, by definition, parables are simple stories used to illustrate moral…

Mark Buehrle is one of the best Pitchers of all-time — And not always because of his Pitching. Here’s several of the paradoxical reasons why.

Mark Buehrle first became eligible for the Hall of Fame in 2020. Immediately the debate began. Was Buehrle just a stat compiler? Or was he one of the best?

Many writers find themselves thunderstruck by the answer they get when they look at Buehrle’s career, dig into his stats, and revisit his stories.

In this article, we’ll look beyond the usual career highlights, stats and comparisons to other Hall of Famers. We’ll dig a little deeper. Because that’s what looking at Buehrle’s stats make you want to do.

In other words, you start finding Buehrle’s name at the top of…

Biden Has Quoted One Poem at the Biggest Moments Of His Career. What Does This Tell Us About The Man?

In the biggest speeches of Joe Biden’s political career — at the biggest moment of the speech — he has quoted one poem, The Cure At Troy.

I find this fascinating. Not in the least because it begs the following question — what can we learn, or already know, about a man if we study his favorite piece of poetry?

Biden accepting the Presidential Medal Of Freedom, citing Heaney. courtesy of

The Cure At Troy, The Cure For Us All?

What do Jordan B. Peterson, Dr. Peter Attia, Body Language, Archery, and the Rhomboids have in common?

“Attend carefully to your posture. Quit drooping and hunching around.” — Jordan Peterson

Let’s explore the obsession that Dr. Peter Attia and Dr. Jordan Peterson don’t know they have in common. That obsession? The small muscle found between your shoulder blades called The Rhomboids.

This story investigates the following claim: Could something as simple as the rhomboid muscles be the mythical secret of success?

Admittedly, the rhomboids are not the first thing you’d guess anyone could get obsessed about — let alone two stars of podcast culture. …

The Backstory You Need For “The Field Of Dreams Game”… And the Real Reason Iowa Leans to the Southside — not Northside

The movie Field of Dreams solidified the special bond between the state of Iowa and the game of baseball. Over the years, the Field of Dreams movie site in Dyersville, IA has become one of the Meccas of baseball. Indeed, anyone who’s been to the field will tell you it’s a magical, surreal place.

It’s only natural, that MLB would want to play a game in Iowa. Thus a game was scheduled at Field Of Dreams for August 2020.

(Edit: The Chicago White Sox were intended to play a real, live, MLB game versus the New York Yankees in a…

As the fear of a Coronavirus outbreak sweeps the globe, it’s been compared to the Spanish Flu. But Spanish Flu had one major difference no one mentioned—it attacked the young and healthy including professional athletes

Between January 1918 and December 1920, Spanish Flu infected an estimated 500 Million people and resulted in an estimated 17–100 Million deaths worldwide.

Those numbers mean a quarter of the world’s population got Spanish Flu, and it killed 1–5% of the world’s population. To put it another way, Spanish Flu killed more people than World War One.

In short, Spanish Flu was one of the deadliest epidemics in history, on par with The Black Death of the 1300's.

Industrial Revolution + WW1 + Global Travel = Spread of Spanish Flu

While it may be true that hand sanitizer didn’t exist in 1300 or 1918, the spread of Spanish Flu was unique to…

First I had to become an “electric car guy.” But in the end I found a bargain.

After years of being hybrid-curious and months of homework, I finally bought an electric car.

I was intrigued by the idea of reducing my second car payment at the pump.

But at first I found the electric car shopping experience frustrating because I didn’t know any of the EV (electric vehicle) lingo.

Looking back, I wish someone had explained some basic things in normal (non-car guy) language at the beginning of the entire process.

So today that’s what I’m doing. Here I will share eight essential things you need to know before buying an electric car.

This is what I’ll cover:

  1. Acronym Glossary — ICE…

Monetized Comments Would Be a Curiosity Detonator — And Increase User Involvement

Why aren’t comments already monetized? Like articles, they are published, get their own unique URL and comment/ responses are tracked statistically.

If Medium wants to build a more engaged community, it should employ a clap-based monetization policy for member comments.

Wouldn’t a monetized response claps encourage everyone to read each other’s work and respond thoughtfully? Like this gem:

Option #1 Clap-Based Monetization Of Comments

The first option should consider is a clap-based monetization system. This algorithm would operate similar to the previous monetization system used for monetizing stories.

This is a simple, merit-based premise.

  1. A member claps for another member’s response.
  2. The response…

What we can predict about ‘The Rise Of Skywalker’ from Benicio Del Toro’s character in ‘The Last Jedi’

One of Carl Jung’s Archetypes of the Collective Unconscious is the Trickster.

The Trickster archetype, along with the Hero, the Wise Old Man and the Shadow, can be found throughout Star Wars.

According to Jung, the Trickster traditionally shows “his fondness for sly jokes and malicious pranks, his powers as a shape-shifter, his dual nature, half animal, half divine, his exposure to all kinds of tortures, and-last but not least-his approximation to the figure of a savior.”

When analyzing the Trickster archetype, Jung used “the analogy of the carnival in the medieval Church, with its reversal of the hierarchic order.”…

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